"Close your eyes and listen to the music.” – Elvis Presley

The line above is from Elvis’ song “A little less Conversation”, and it has become something of a mantra for EgglestonWorks. As a company, EgglestonWorks tries to maintain focus on the most important aspect of the audio business: music. We listen to it, some of us play it, but all of us respect its place in life in general. There is something special about connecting with a piece of music on a level that transcends the method of delivery. And being able to do this for hours is what we at EgglestonWorks hope to provide to our customers.

Located in Memphis, TN, the EgglestonWorks factory is but a stone’s throw away from the birthplace of Blues and Rock ‘n Roll. So it’s no coincidence that a loudspeaker product of such inspired design and craftsmanship should arise from these very streets.

The underlying goal of all EgglestonWorks loudspeakers is to strike a powerful, emotional chord naturally present in live music performance. We like to say that this goal consists of accomplishing the two most important aspects of speaker design: accuracy and musicality.

For a good example of exactly what we mean, we look toward mastering engineers and what they value in a speaker. It turns out these are the same things that someone listening at home also values. Accuracy: at its very foundation, all speakers aim for an accurate portrayal of the music being presented. We hope to take this further and provide a window in the music, shedding new light on what may be a familiar piece. Musicality: While this can go by other names, musicality is essentially being able to have a listening experience without fatigue. Listener fatigue can be caused by something as measurable as distortion, but sometimes it can be caused by improper component matching or sub-optimal crossover point selection. So, when a mastering engineer picks a loudspeaker for their reference, they are saying that these speakers are pinpoint accurate, but also something that can be listened to for hours and hours on end. EgglestonWorks is proud to supply many of the best mastering studios with their reference monitors, which have helped shape some of the best music produced over the last decade and a half.

At the core of our innovations is a process which focuses on understanding how sound created by live musical instrumentation can be used as a tool in the critical stages of loudspeaker design.

This process, which can be likened to the crafting of fine musical instruments themselves, is highly instinctual. As the coupling of natural construction materials and electronic components evolve together through many design stages, their playback response to recorded music moves closer with and ultimately matches the timbre intensity and pitch of live instrumentation. To build a loudspeaker this way requires not only a lifetime of immersion in the experience of live music, but also a thorough knowledge of the process that produces the music we listen to at home.

In addition to our unique approach to design, EgglestonWorks is an establishment committed to old-world craftsmanship and time-tested quality. Our products are substantially built, combining the latest advances in technology with handpicked allotments of wood, aluminum and other proprietary materials.

Situated on the old railway line that for many years served as the primary route between New Orleans and Chicago, the building and its surroundings hearken back to a time when life moved at a more reasonable pace. A time when skilled craftsmen took fierce pride in their work and accomplishments. You should expect nothing less of EgglestonWorks.

In a world crowded with claims of “breakthroughs,” EgglestonWorks simply chooses to offer a product that cannot be done better.


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